International Garden Photographer of the Year

An array of the beauty of flora, fauna and landscapes from around the world in this spectacular showcase of selected awarded images from International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition 17.

Discovery Repairs: Explore the Build

Experience conservation work undertaken by Scottish engineers using traditional methods, to restore Discovery’s ageing timbers as she approaches her 100th anniversary as a Royal Research Ship in 2025!

Adopt an Object

Support us to care for our nationally significant Polar and Jute Collections.

Become a Corporate Supporter

Discover the difference your business could make to our work in Dundee.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Dundee Heritage Trust, we are committed to protecting and sharing our local and global heritage for current and future generations.

Latest News

Keep up to date with news and stories from Discovery Point and Verdant Works Museum.

Polar Publications

Celebrate two iconic publications from within our Polar Collections; the famous South Polar Times compiled on Discovery in 1902, and Shackleton’s rare Aurora Australis.

The Boss

As 2024 marks #Shackleton150, we look at just some of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Discovery story, and how his first trip to Antarctica paved the way for an incredible career in Polar exploration.

About Us

Our Mission

Dundee Heritage Trust sprang from a small, dedicated band of local people concerned that unless action were taken, important aspects of the city’s history would be lost forever. Our mission today continues that story.

We are Dundee Heritage Trust, proud guardians of two of the nation’s best-loved heritage attractions – the pioneering and globally significant Antarctic research ship, Royal Research Ship Discovery, and our uniquely restored Victorian mill and industrial heritage centre, Verdant Works.

Our attractions welcome over 100,000 visitors each year, keeping heritage alive and sparking curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

Both museums are fully accredited by Museums Galleries Scotland, are rated five-star attractions by VisitScotland, and are working to achieve the highest possible standards in the Green Tourism Awards in the coming years.

The purpose of Dundee Heritage Trust is ‘The guardianship, preservation, and portrayal of Dundee’s Heritage in ways that educate, inspire and enlighten current and future generations.’

Our Vision

We are passionate advocates for our heritage and our future, and our core aims reflect an ongoing commitment to both our city and our planet.

  • We will work tirelessly to preserve the Royal Research Ship Discovery, icon of the city’s heritage and pioneer of global climate science and marine conservation, for the next 100 years.
  • We will provide vital care for our much-loved Victorian mill, Verdant Works, telling the story of its people and showcasing its history of industrial innovation.

The organisation’s distinctive excellence is; ‘The successful co-existence of a public service ethos with a private sector culture, which delivers a range of outstanding quality experiences.’

We’re sparking curiosity in heritage

We welcome visitors from across the globe

Over 300,000 since 2019
Over 300,000 since 2019

Our commitment to the communities we serve include:

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