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Adopt an Object is an exciting way to help Dundee Heritage Trust care for our Jute and Polar collections, by adopting one of our objects for a year – either for yourself or for someone else, as an unusual gift for any occasion. 

At Discovery Point and Verdant Works, we are proud to showcase a diverse and fascinating collection of objects that bring the vibrant history of Dundee to life.  Our collections are recognised by the Scottish Government as being of National Significance and are cared for by an expert team, but you can also get involved. 

Adopt an Object packages start from just £5 per month and offer a range of incentives and opportunities to engage with the work behind the scenes at both museums. By supporting us with your adoption and making a regular gift, you’ll be helping us preserve extraordinary objects and continue to tell their fascinating stories for generations.  Adoption of all objects is billed annually and paid monthly.

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1. Roving Frame: keeping heritage skills alive 

The Roving Frame was used in the earlier stages of jute processing. It is now regularly used by our volunteers to demonstrate the jute-making process to visitors at Verdant Works and one of the ways we help preserve our important heritage skills.

2. Emperor Penguin, from the Terra Nova expedition, 1910-1912 

The Discovery expedition was the first to sight an Emperor Penguin rookery and collected the first egg of the species. They also discovered over 500 species of marine life and compiled ten volumes of scientific research that helped us learn about the Antarctic continent.

3. “Union Special” Sack Sewing Machine, model 1900 AA  

Sacking was a staple product of the Dundee jute industry. This machine could perform 2200 stitches per minute and produce 1400 sacks in a 10-hour day. Union Special is one of the oldest remaining sewing machine companies, founded in 1881 in Chicago.

4. Pair of Skis worn by Lt. Reginald Skelton, RRS Discovery’s chief engineer, 1901-1904 

These skis belonged to Lieutenant Reginald Skelton (chief engineer) and were used as part of RRS Discovery’s Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. They were made in Canada by Peterborough Canoe Company.

5. Snow Goggles worn by Frank Plumley in the Antarctic, 1901-1904 

Snow goggles helped prevent snow blindness, a painful condition caused by the sunlight reflecting off the snow. Each of the Discovery crew members chose different designs of goggles, as no design was perfect.

6. Model aeroplane: made from salvaged jute tools, 1991 

This plane is a very popular exhibit with our younger visitors, and although it isn’t designed as a toy, making toys from discarded mill waste was a popular activity for mill workers.

7. Jute Skirt with tulip: designed by Mary Quant in 1963 

Characteristic of Quant’s inventive and experimental attitude, this jute skirt with tulip embellishment was designed in the early 60s as part of her lower-priced ‘Ginger Culture Collection’.

8. Leitz microscope: used by Captain Scott on the Terra Nova, 1910-12 

This Leitz microscope was used by Captain Scott and his crew aboard the Dundee-built Terra Nova during the National Antarctic Expedition of 1910–12.

9. Cop Apron: a rare surviving example of mill workwear 

The cop apron became a classic symbol of mill workers, but this is a rare surviving example of a working costume. Although thousands of these aprons would have been in existence at one time, very few have been preserved and remain today.

10. Aurora Australis: The first book ever produced in the Antarctic, edited by Ernest Shackleton, 1908 

This unique book, entitled the ‘Aurora Australis’, was written, printed and bound by the Polar Party to ward off boredom during the Winter of 1908 as part of Ernest Shackleton’s 1907-1909 expedition to the Antarctic aboard the Nimrod.

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