Chair of Dundee Heritage Trust
Jim Pettigrew

Jim Dundee and has had an exceptionally distinguished international career, bringing extensive chairing experience. He recently retired as Chair of Clydesdale Bank, is a past president of ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) and past Chair of Scottish Financial Enterprise (trade association for Scottish Financial services industry).  He also Chaired the Judging Panel for the Courier Business Awards for 3 years and is currently Senior Independent Director of wealth manager Rathbones Plc and Chairman of asset manager BlueBay.

Jim’s fit with Dundee Heritage Trust could not be more perfect. His family were involved in the jute industry so he has a real soft spot for Verdant Works. He also adores RRS Discovery and the museum at Discovery Point, which tells the story of the famous ship, built in Dundee and sailed to Antarctica by Adventurers Scott and Shackleton in the world’s first scientific research mission –  work still used by climate scientists to this day. Jim has long had a passion for historic ship conservation. He served on the Foundation Board of PS Waverley and as an advisor for other important ship conservation projects, including to the Charity which has successfully returned the former Clyde turbine steamer Queen Mary to Glasgow.