Heritage Brought to Life

Discover the stories of Dundee’s people and the city’s industrial past; hear the roar of mill machinery; try Dundee’s famous cake; and more, as the city’s heritage is brought to life in our beautiful 1830s jute mill.

Discovery Repairs: Explore the Build

Experience conservation work undertaken by Scottish engineers using traditional methods, to restore Discovery’s ageing timbers as she approaches her 100th anniversary as a Royal Research Ship in 2025!

Adopt an Object

Support us to care for our nationally significant Polar and Jute Collections.

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Discover the difference your business could make to our work in Dundee.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Dundee Heritage Trust, we are committed to protecting and sharing our local and global heritage for current and future generations.

Latest News

Keep up to date with news and stories from Discovery Point and Verdant Works Museum.

Polar Publications

Celebrate two iconic publications from within our Polar Collections; the famous South Polar Times compiled on Discovery in 1902, and Shackleton’s rare Aurora Australis.

The Boss

As 2024 marks #Shackleton150, we look at just some of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Discovery story, and how his first trip to Antarctica paved the way for an incredible career in Polar exploration.


Heritage Enquiries

Dundee Heritage Trust and its operating company, Dundee Industrial Heritage Limited, are both registered charities formed in 1985 to preserve and interpret Dundee’s industrial past.

Dundee Heritage Trust sprang from a small dedicated band of local people concerned that unless action was taken, important aspects of the city’s history would be lost forever. Trustees are drawn from a diverse range of community and business interests in Dundee and Tayside.


I have something I would like to donate; how do I do that?

That is fantastic; thank you very much for thinking of us.   

We collect items relating to the Royal Research Ship Discovery and her story and the story of jute in Dundee. For more full details about what we collect, see our collecting policy

Please complete the donation form, and our Curator will be in touch.  Please be aware that we are a very small team, and it may take a week or two for a full response. Thank you for your patience. 

Do you have the object I am looking for? Do you have anything related to my research?

Over 95% of our catalogue can be searched online. It can be browsed on the left-hand side or use the general search box on the right-hand side.

Can I come and see this object for my research?

Yes, it is possible to book a research visit. Please fill in our enquiry form, including what you would like to see and when.

Please note we are a small team, and as such, research visits must be booked in advance.  Due to the small team’s capacity, it may be several weeks before a research visit is possible.  To avoid disappointment, please book as far in advance as possible.  

I would like a copy of a photograph you have. How do I get one? Can I use the image in my project?

If you have seen a photograph that you would like a copy of, please complete our enquiry form. Please include the date you require the image by, as well as the pixel size and dpi specification you require. The provision of images is £10 for the first image and £5 for the following images. If you require a higher-resolution image, there is an additional administration charge of £50.  

If you wish to use an image of one of our collection items, please look at our reproduction policy for our fees.  If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.   

Can you tell me about my ancestors? They worked in the jute industry.

If we have anything about your ancestor, it will be available in our online collections.  If you cannot find their name, then you may have more success at the University of Dundee Archives, as they hold a number of business records for the jute industry or the local history centre, which has a number of helpful genealogy resources.   

Of course, learning about your family history is more than names and places. Visit Verdant Works Museum and see what you can learn about life in the mill; see and hear the type of machinery your family member worked on; and feel the history of the jute industry in Dundee.

Can you tell me about my ancestors? They were part of the Discovery crew.

The history of the Discovery and her crew is well documented. Please see our online catalogue to see if there are any objects or stories in our Collections which can tell you more about your relative.   

Of course, learning about your family history is more than names and places. Visit Discovery Point and the RRS Discovery to learn about life on board and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

I saw this cool jute product in your museum catalogue. Where can I buy it?

Our contemporary jute collection details the object maker or where it was purchased. The best way to find the specific object is to use a search engine with the name of the object and the maker’s details. It may be that the object was a limited-edition item. 

You can find a wide range of locally made bespoke jute products in our shop.

How much is my object worth?

As an Accredited Museum, we do not provide financial valuations of objects. Each item has some cultural value, which makes it important to the people reflected in it. 

Instead, please contact a reputable auctioneer who will assist you with this.

I found this object from the Royal Research Ship Discovery in a local sale. Can you tell me more about it?

If you believe you have found a genuine Royal Research Ship Discovery item, the first thing to do is have a look at our online catalogue and see if there is anything similar there. Look at the logo, the font used and where it is placed.

Does this match items in the collection?  Are there similar items in the collection which could complement the set?  Other clues include any names and dates which feature on your itemyou can check these against the story of the ship to make sure they match the history of the ship and Crew.

Is my painting a Charles G.L. Philips?

If you believe you have a work by Charles G.L. Philips, the first thing to do is have a look at the Philips Collection in our online catalogue. First, compare the signatures; if they look to match, it is possible that your piece is by Phillips.  The second thing to do is compare the styles of work. Does your piece fit with the style of work completed by Phillips? If it does, this supports the evidence your piece is a Phillips.  Next, check against other works by Phillips featured in Art UK as another check.

If your question has not been answered within our FAQs, you can contact the Curator using the form below.

Contact our curator

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Thank you for your enquiry. Please note, we are a small team. Thank you for your patience!
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