Black and white image of RRS Discovery and Discovery Point, by Dundee Photographic Society. High contrast clouds and sky seen above, with an overlay ripple filter.
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Exhibition: Dundee Photographic Society

13th March – 2nd June 2024 

During Museum opening hours. Free entry to the exhibition*, no prior booking required.

A photography exhibition in celebration of the creative work of Dundee Photographic Society; featuring scenes in and around Dundee, in both striking colour and muted monotone.


*Free exhibition entry does not include entry to the rest of the museum, or Royal Research Ship Discovery. Image by Pete Clark, Dundee Photographic Society.

  • Museum admission
    7th Oct 2023 – 1st Apr 2024
    Verdant Works Museum

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    Explore the past, present and future of one of the world’s deadliest diseases in our latest interactive exhibition.
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