Friends of Dundee Heritage Trust – Data Protections Policy

Data Controller and Data Processor:

The Membership Secretary of Friends of Dundee Heritage Trust is the Data Controller and the Data Processor. Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd. (Registered Charity No. SC 002268) is also a Data Processor and Controller as it provides administrative support for the Friends of Dundee Heritage Trust.

The Membership Secretary will keep the data secure and up-to-date and will respond to and/or act on members’ requests and instructions in relation to their data. The employee(s) of Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd., responsible for maintaining e-mail and posted mail lists will ensure that such records are kept secure and up to date in co-operation with the Membership Secretary.

Data holding/processing basis:

Data will be held and processed on the consent basis provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Member Data Held:

  • Title, Name, Address,
  • Telephone number(s), e-mail address(es)
  • Date membership started,
  • Subscription payments and method of payment,
  • Event bookings and payments,
  • Positions held on management committee
  • Participation in committee meetings, annual/extraordinary general meetings and decisions made at them.

Data use:

  • Maintaining memberships records with details of subscription payments and communications on membership matters;
  • Maintaining appropriate financial records of our activities and having the records independently examined;
  • Maintaining records of committee/general meetings and decisions;
  • Notice of annual/extraordinary general meetings;
  • Sending out member event syllabus, reminders, Membership cards and newsletters.
  • Sending out news/information on the Museums at Discovery Point/RRS Discovery and Verdant Works including information on fundraising appeals, retail offers and public events( e.g exhibitions and lectures).
  • Sending out information on third-party events likely to be of interest to members.

Data Collection:

Data will be obtained from Membership application forms and subsequent communications with members. It will not be collected from any other sources.

Data Sharing

Member data is shared with Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd. (Registered Charity No. SC 002268) which is fully GDPR compliant and:

  • provides the Friends organisation with administrative support: mailbox, e-mail, printing/photocopying and postage facilities.
  • directly provides our Members with news/information on the museums and on related events (including sending out newsletters and information on museum shop offers and events with retail or fundraising activities).
  • examines our annual financial accounts on behalf of Members before presentation at our AGM.

Data is not shared with any other person(s) or organisation(s) and it will not be transferred out of the country.

Data Retention:

Data will be held securely in password-protected computer-based databases or spreadsheets (including within e-mail computer programmes). Copies of correspondence and e-mails will be held on password-protected computer systems. Data will be held at the membership secretary’s home. Data will also be securely held and processed at the Offices of Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd.

Individual member’s data will be held as long as the person remains a member of the Friends’ organisation and will be deleted as soon as possible after membership ends.   It will also be deleted (1) 6 months following the due date for membership renewal if the subscription remains unpaid; (2) at the request of the Member. (3) if the member has not given consent to the data being held and processed.  Names only may be retained for a longer period within Committee Minutes, General Meeting minutes and financial records which must be kept for reference purposes.

Data Information, Correction and Deletion:

  • Requests for details of the data held;
  • Instructions for correction of incorrect data; or
  • Instructions to delete member’s data

should be made by writing to the Membership Secretary, Friends of Dundee Heritage Trust, Discovery Point, Discovery Quay, Dundee, DD1 4XA.

Removal from e-mailing lists only can also be requested by using the “unsubscribe” link on e-mails.