RRS Discovery needs all hands on deck! 

The RRS Discovery is one of a kind. Built in Dundee to withstand the perilous conditions of Antarctic exploration, RRS Discovery has outlasted all UK ships from the Heroic Age of Exploration. 

We have learned so much from her early scientific voyages, her embodiment of the spirit of adventure, and the genesis of the conservation movement—with whales, penguins, and seabirds all still weathering the storm of climate change and the impact on the frozen ice-clad habitats she was designed to visit. 

Research from her Antarctic voyages continues to be a gift to scientists studying the current climate emergency.

Despite the best of care, we can no longer halt the deterioration of her 120-year-old timber. 

The effects of global warming are drastically taking their toll on the ship’s structure, and she urgently needs specialist repair work to keep her intact. Help us fund vital repairs now before we lose her forever. 

We recognise that it is a difficult time to ask for support, but if we wait… it will be too late. Can you imagine Dundee without RRS Discovery

Please give what you can to help Save Our Ship. 

Caring for the RRS Discovery is no easy task. It costs our charity around £2m to conserve and maintain both it and our two collections of Recognised National Significance every year.  Even the smallest contribution makes a difference, and this year we need your help more than ever, to ensure we can continue to protect and conserve this extraordinary ship for future generations.