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Art Night Retrospective with our Creative Communities Network

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 2 months since Art Night’s first whirl in Dundee; since the Royal Research Ship Discovery’s decks had a new meaning when an array of DJs and musical talent performed on them (parties and churros on the quayside, yes please!); revellers took in a 360-view of sundown from the Discovery Dome; and our Creative Community Network debuted their beautiful exhibition, Aurora Australis, at Slessor Gardens.

As our Creative Community Network (CCN) undertake new, exciting projects, we’re sharing an introduction to the CCN, and celebrating the Aurora Australis project (on show at Slessor Gardens until the end of September) through this pictorial blog, with images from local photographer Ben Douglas. Enjoy!

(c) Ben Douglas Photography

Dundee Heritage Trust’s CCN is a year-long programme of workshops for young people that explore RRS Discovery’s polar collection and how it can be connected to the array of local and global issues raised by climate change.

Exploring the well-known traditions of creativity aboard the Royal Research Ship Discovery whilst on long historic missions, the group reflect on creativity and how it can help them cope through times of political, economic and climate unrest.

For Art Night’s Inwith programme, the CCN created the Aurora Australis project in collaboration with Dundee Contemporary Arts’ Print Studio and local designer Kate Scarlet Harvey.

(c) Ben Douglas Photography

Screen printing, lino printing and relief printing with climate-responsible processes were used to create prints in response to ‘Aurora Australis’, the first book to be devised, printed and published in the Antarctic on a mission led by Ernest Shackleton from 1907-1909.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the prints created by our talented CCN are spectacular, and to showcase them in such close proximity to the Discovery – the ship that first took Shackleton to the Antarctic – was a joy.

Over the coming months, we’ll share more inspiring insights from the Dundee Heritage Trust Creative Community Network, including their project inspired by some of the most highly revered polar artefacts in our Recognised Collections

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