Monochrome image of the front of Royal Research Ship Discovery at a dock. Gentleman seen in the water in a small dinghy boat below.
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British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition

The Expedition

The British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition was Discovery’s third and final trip south. The brief this time was two fold; to chart the coastlines, islands, rocks and shoals between Queen Mary Land and Enderby Island; and to “plant the British Flag wherever you find it practicable to do so.” Whole new lands were discovered and charted, and a mass of geological and zoological samples was collected, as were several chunks of territory on behalf of the British Government.

The BANZAR venture was in part the implementation of the British Government desire to establish sovereignty over the continent. This was, in part, the conservation of whales and the whaling industry and, in part, the strategic importance of Antarctic coasts and waters. It was laid out that this could be done through sending an officer to claim land on behalf of the Commonwealth. The Royal Research Ship Discovery was identified as as the only existing vessel suitably constructed for the purpose.

The idea of funding an Antarctic voyage was not jumped upon and so, it was suggested that scientific work into whaling and sealing could be done as well.

Monochrome image of the front of Royal Research Ship Discovery at a dock. Gentleman seen in the water in a small dinghy boat below.
Discovery in Hobart, 1930 (DUNIH 1.495)

The Crew

Commander of the Expedition: Sir Douglas Mawson OBE D.Sc FRS Ship’s Captain 29-30: John King Davis Ship’s Captain 30-31: Kenneth N. Mackenzie +indicates served only on 1929-30 voyage *indicates served only on 1930-31 voyage

Scientists and Civilian Staff

  • Prof. Thomas
  • Johnson D.Sc
  • Robert Falla M.A
  • Harold O. Fletcher
  • Alfred Howard M.Sc
  • +James W. S. Marr MA B.Sc
  • *Alexander L. Kennedy
  • Ritchie G. Simmers
  • William W. Ingram MC MD
  • J. Frank Hurley

Flying Officers

  • Fl. Lt. Stewart A. C. Campbell RAAF
  • Lt. Sgt. Eric D. Douglas RAAF


  • +Kenneth N. Mackenzie
  • *Arthur M. Stanton
  • *Lt. Karl E. Oom RAN
  • +Instructor Cdr, Norton H. Moyes RAN
  • Lt. William R. Colbeck RNR
  • John B. Child
  • Wilfrid J. Griggs
  • Bernard F. Welch

Petty Officers

  • Arthur J. Williams
  • James H. Martin
  • +C. Degerfeldt
  • +Frank G. Dungay
  • *Joseph Williams
  • *Josiah J. Pill
  • John J. Miller
  • +Frederic Soncs
  • *John E. Reed
  • *George J. Rhodes
  • +W. Simpson
  • Allan J. Bartlett
  • +Harry V. Gage
  • +Clarence H. Sellwood
  • *Ernest Bond


  • George Ayres
  • John Matheson
  • +F. Leonard Marsland
  • +Kenneth McLennan
  • +John A. Park
  • +Raymond C. Tomlinson
  • *A. Henriksen
  • *William E. Howard
  • *Norman C Mateer
  • *Louis Parviainen
  • *David Peacock
  • *William F. Porteous
  • *Frederic G. Ward


  • +Richard W. Hampson
  • +James T. Kyle
  • +Stanley R. Smith
  • *Frank Best
  • *William E. Crosby
  • *Murdo C. Morrison
  • W. H. Letten

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