Heritage Brought to Life

Discover the stories of Dundee’s people and the city’s industrial past; hear the roar of mill machinery; try Dundee’s famous cake; and more, as the city’s heritage is brought to life in our beautiful 1830s jute mill.

Discovery Repairs: Explore the Build

Experience conservation work undertaken by Scottish engineers using traditional methods, to restore Discovery’s ageing timbers as she approaches her 100th anniversary as a Royal Research Ship in 2025!

Adopt an Object

Support us to care for our nationally significant Polar and Jute Collections.

Become a Corporate Supporter

Discover the difference your business could make to our work in Dundee.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Dundee Heritage Trust, we are committed to protecting and sharing our local and global heritage for current and future generations.

Latest News

Keep up to date with news and stories from Discovery Point and Verdant Works Museum.

Polar Publications

Celebrate two iconic publications from within our Polar Collections; the famous South Polar Times compiled on Discovery in 1902, and Shackleton’s rare Aurora Australis.

The Boss

As 2024 marks #Shackleton150, we look at just some of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Discovery story, and how his first trip to Antarctica paved the way for an incredible career in Polar exploration.


Leave a gift in your will

Did you know that Dundee Heritage Trust can receive gifts in wills?

Your gift could make such a big difference to our work in Dundee. Thank you for considering ways to help your love of our museums last forever. It means so much to us.


Your gift could:

  • Educate and benefit children, young people, families, and visitors who engage with our education and outreach programme, delivering award-winning experiences for all.
  • Preserve irreplaceable heritage at RRS Discovery, Discovery Point, and Verdant Works so that these vital links to the past are not forgotten or neglected.
  • Inspire and spark enthusiasm for learning about polar exploration, shipbuilding, jute mills, industrial machinery, social history, whaling and marine conservation, and much, much more.

Why now?

Deciding how you would like your estate to be distributed and taking care of your closest friends and family is something incredibly important and personal to each of us. Once you have allowed for those you love the most, please consider making our charity one of your beneficiaries. A gift of just 1% would make a lasting difference.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, some things do remain certain, and there is something you can today to help the future be a better, brighter place. Your gift can help us spark curiosity, fuel fascination, and share a love of heritage for generations to come.

Where do I start?

If you have yet to make a will, please consider booking an appointment with a registered solicitor. They will be able to advise on making a gift to charity and help you consider everything that is required.

Likewise, if you are writing, revising or updating your own will, please consider the opportunity to leave us a gift. All you need is our charity name, address and charity number:

Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd.
Registered Charity No. SC002268
Registered address: Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

Please note that Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd is the operating charity and company of Dundee Heritage Trust.

As a charity, we are unable to offer legal advice, but we would be happy to show you our museums and share the impact your gift could make.

To learn more or for an initial conversation, please contact us: 

Email: development@dundeeheritage.co.uk

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