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Rebranding our 1833 Mill

We are excited to reveal our new branding!

Over the coming weeks, Dundee will be seeing an evolution in the presence of Verdant Works, with an update to our branding and images both around the mill in the city of Discovery and also online, on our website and social media. We’ve been lucky to be working with the talented Allegro Creative Agency on this project, made possible with thanks to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

We’re taken a great deal of care, time and pride in ensuring we’ve carefully considered all options, and spoken to all the people we can – internally and around Dundee – to carefully and conscientiously ensure we’re putting Verdant Works in the best place to continue to tell the story of our mill, of Dundee’s working people, of jute and of Dundee, for years to come.

With a place that has been at the heart of Dundee for almost 200 years, it is most certainly a case of evolution not revolution – we are proud custodians of the spectacular mill, of our Recognised Collections and of the hundreds of inspiring stories at Verdant Works. Last year, we conducted interviews and research with current and potential visitors and supporters, as well as engaging our fantastic colleagues and volunteers and partners across the area, to ensure we had the best possible picture of what was important to them.

We wanted to adapt around the evolving cultural and digital landscape, but also stay true to the heritage and identity of the Verdant Works mill itself.

Below is our new logo, designed by Allegro Creative Agency.


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This plays a dual role in the name, both the storytelling approach (relationship between Verdant Works and the people of Dundee) and the tangible legacy of the site to produce jute, employing generations in Dundee.


The inclusion of our city name emphasises locality for new visitors searching for things to do, as well as highlighting our provenance to the area, and our aim to preserve and portray the city’s heritage in ways that educate, inspire and enlighten.

The Wheel

The circular shape of the logo is indicative of the cogs and machinery, and evokes memories of the Mill’s past.

Colours & Fonts

Our new visual assets are more representative of the colours in the Mill, on the main gates, and used throughout the museum, as well as being representative of the times that the stories and heritage in our museum are centred in.

Thank you to everyone who has given their time, thoughts, suggestions and input into the evolution of our beloved Verdant Works; we are excited to see what the future holds.

We’re pleased with how this represents and respects both the history of Verdant Works while evolving to appeal to more visitors to our great city. We can’t wait to welcome you to Verdant Works Museum soon!

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