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Discover the stories of Dundee’s people and the city’s industrial past; hear the roar of mill machinery; try Dundee’s famous cake; and more, as the city’s heritage is brought to life in our beautiful 1830s jute mill.

Discovery Repairs: Explore the Build

Experience conservation work undertaken by Scottish engineers using traditional methods, to restore Discovery’s ageing timbers as she approaches her 100th anniversary as a Royal Research Ship in 2025!

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Support us to care for our nationally significant Polar and Jute Collections.

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Discover the difference your business could make to our work in Dundee.

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Dundee Heritage Trust, we are committed to protecting and sharing our local and global heritage for current and future generations.

Latest News

Keep up to date with news and stories from Discovery Point and Verdant Works Museum.

Polar Publications

Celebrate two iconic publications from within our Polar Collections; the famous South Polar Times compiled on Discovery in 1902, and Shackleton’s rare Aurora Australis.

The Boss

As 2024 marks #Shackleton150, we look at just some of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Discovery story, and how his first trip to Antarctica paved the way for an incredible career in Polar exploration.



Thank you for your interest in visiting our sites with your learners. We can’t wait to share some of the incredible history of Dundee with you! We offer content on Antarctica, jute, exploration and engineering, as well as resources and talks for those studying museums, textiles and travel & tourism at primary, secondary, higher and further education levels. All our workshops are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

Visits include the use of a lunch space, (though priority will be given to groups who are joining us for a workshop) and as much free time in the galleries as you can squeeze in with our dedicated schools worksheets. We ask that you book at least two weeks in advance, though, during peak periods we recommend booking at least a month in advance to get your preferred date.

We also offer reduced rates for schools based in Dundee or that otherwise may struggle to access our services. If you think you’re entitled to these, please do get in contact. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Learning Pricing

£3.00 (pp)
Guided Tour of the RRS Discovery or Verdant Works
£4.00 (pp)
Guided Tour of the RRS Discovery or Verdant Works and 1 Workshop
£5.50 (pp)
Dundee Heritage Trust Day- a tour of both RRS Discovery and Verdant Works
£7.00 (pp)
Both sites with workshops – 12 months to redeem
£9.50 (pp)
Loan Box (1 week)
£5.00 (per box)
Talk – online or at Discovery (45 minutes)
Outreach Workshop
£5.50 pp + travel

If you are finding any part of your visit cost prohibited, please get in touch to discuss our bursaries.

Ready for a voyage of wonder?

Family Activities

There’s so much to see and do at Discovery Point and Verdant Works Museum. Explore what activities and events we have on offer for families.

Community & Outreach

Thank you for your interest in visiting our sites, we can’t wait to share some of the incredible history of Dundee with you! We offer content on Antarctica, jute, exploration and engineering, and much more!

If you are looking to run a project alongside us, please get in contact directly via kim.turford@dundeeheritage.co.uk. If you are looking to visit our sites, please use the form above.

If you are a uniformed group (such as Scouts or Guides), please get in touch using our schools enquiry form.

We ask that you book at least two weeks in advance, though during peak periods, we recommend booking at least a month in advance to have a better chance of being able to visit on your preferred date.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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How long is an education visit?

Most groups arrive at 10 am and leave at 2 pm/2.30 pm. We usually recommend leaving an hour for a tour, whether at Verdant Works Museum or Discovery Point. This includes time to gather, use any facilities, take a group photo, go to the gift shop and ask any questions. 

The galleries themselves can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the class. We do have ‘find and tick’ sheets that can be used. Any exploration of the galleries is self-led. Workshops last around 40-60 minutes. 

If you are doing a tour and a workshop, we will always factor in 30 minutes for lunch. If you have a very specific time allocated to visit us, then please let us know, and we can work around your needs.  

We might not be able to afford transport. Do you have any support available?

Yes. Thanks to grants from local trusts, we can offer up to £200. It will be paid for after your visit. Let us know if you’d like an application form. 

I don’t think we can afford to come on a trip. Do you do reduced/free trips?

We do have a reduced rate that we can offer to schools within Dundee City Council and those that sit within the top 20% of most deprived areas in accordance with the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. If you don’t fit into either of these categories, please get in touch.  

We do not usually have the capacity for free visits. We do occasionally have small funding grants that may support this or new workshops that we need testing and feedback from. Please get in touch; we will try and make things work. 

Can I bring my family or children if I come for a familiarisation visit?

You’re more than welcome to double up a familiarisation visit with a day out; we do, however, ask that you pay for the appropriate ticket for any additional members of your party.

Will a member of the Dundee Heritage Trust education team be with us the whole day?

Not usually. We encourage groups to go around the galleries at their own pace. There are a couple of different reasons for this: Firstly, gallery space in the museum is quite tight, and we want to encourage students to be able to learn independently in museum spaces. If appropriate, we will explain how to find the right label to answer questions. Secondly, we share a lot of information in our workshops and talks, and we find that letting learners take in what they want to – including using interactives and watching films – under the supervision of their regular leaders allows them to follow their own interests and capacity for learning. 

Can you support my group/class/child that needs…

Usually! We’ve had classes that are made up entirely of people learning to speak English, nursery groups; groups with neurodivergence, and groups with disabilities. Send us an email, and we can talk through your needs.

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