Verdant Works is participating in the Dundee Climate Fund project, where locals can vote for their favourite community-led project. It’s based on a model called ‘Community Choices’ where citizens will decide how to spend a budget supporting the city’s Climate Action Plan delivery. The voting polls open on the 30th of January and end on the 24th of March.

Why is Verdant Works participating?

Because so much of our building is old, we are still powered in many places by gas: a fossil fuel which, when burned, releases carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere.  

By replacing the gas heating in our Machine Hall with a low-carbon electric solution, our project aims to save nearly a tonne of greenhouse gases every year – the same as 11 flights from Edinburgh to Stornoway! – and will help us keep this space warm for learners and visitors as they get to know the story of the mill, from an industrial powerhouse to a green museum for the  21st century, from our enthusiastic volunteers and award-winning education tours and workshops.

And by installing the same system in our beautiful but sadly underused High Mill, we will open up entirely new opportunities for green community activities, exhibitions, and events involving the whole community.

This exciting project will enable us to:

*Keep our volunteer guides warm in winter to run our much-loved heritage machinery demonstrations for the public.

*Host more schools for tours and workshops designed to get students thinking about important climate topics, such as the industrial revolution, climate change, STEM for the future, green technology, and how museums can help the planet in the 21st century.

*Host more sustainable events and exhibitions with local businesses, community groups, artists, and makers.

*Pioneer a new Green Verdant Works Action Plan to further improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

How can people vote?

You will be asked to divide the fund between the approved projects applying for grants.  Once the voting stage has closed, the projects will be ranked, and those with the most votes will receive the requested funding.  

How to vote: 

*Only Dundee city residents can vote.